Membership dues are paid annually and expire every following year on the last day of the quarter you joined. Memberships beginning during Q1 expire March 31; beginning during Q2 expire June 30; beginning during Q3 expire September 30; and beginning during Q4 expire December 31.

Members may change their expiration quarter by paying $10 per quarter to be moved (in addition to annual dues). You must be a Member first, before changing your expiration quarter.

If your dues are paid by a business entity or you use a different email, please add a comment to the membership form with the name and email address you want displayed in the Directory of Members so we may register you accurately.

Please allow up to seven days for a new membership to be processed.

Whether you are joining for the first time or renewing, please follow the directions below.

    To pay by check:
  • Open and download the Membership Form.
  • Complete the membership form.
  • Make your check payable to GSG.
  • Send your check and the completed membership form to:

Genealogical Speakers Guild
PO Box 152987
Cape Coral, FL 33915

    To pay by credit card:
  • Click on the Buy Now button under the type of membership you want.
  • Complete the PayPal transaction.
  • Wait to be redirected to the online membership form.
  • Complete and submit the membership form.

Individual membership $40
Family membership $45

Change Membership Quarter

For membership questions, please contact the Treasurer at
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