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Certificate in Genealogy and Family History from the University of Washington


Connecting with living relatives
Using spreadsheets in genealogy
Crafting and genealogy
California research
Writing the family story
Newspaper research


Bagging a Live One: Connecting With Cousins You Never Knew You Had - Mary will show you how to find distant relatives, perhaps ones you never knew existed. You will come away with the skills to target specific people and to find their contact details.
Read 'Em or Weep: Promise and Pitfalls in Newspaper OCR - Learn where to find free and pay newspaper sites online. Understand how to put OCR mistakes to work for you to increase search results. See a method to make sure you do thorough searching in every newspaper every time.
A Nose for News: Sniffing Out Stories in Newspapers - More than a baker's dozen useful tips for searching in old newspapers. Each suggestion will be accompanied by real-life examples to cement the ideas.
A Decree of (Temporary) Divorce: My Life Without - My bank balance was thin and my patience with paying the faceless corporate entity was even thinner. Learn how I found free substitute records for many of the records I used to pay for at, and how I discovered some new sites as well. My temporary divorce forced me to examine my genealogy from a different viewpoint with a fresh perspective. You, too, can recharge your genealogy, and save a few pennies as well.
Spreadsheets 101: Excel-lence in Genealogy – Are you afraid of spreadsheets because you don’t know how or where to start? Or are you comfortable with spreadsheets but think there might be a trick our two out there that you don’t know? In this talk, Mary will get the beginners up to speed, and share with experienced users tricks she’s learned in more than 25 years of spreadsheet use as an accountant, a writer and a genealogist.
Spreadsheets 201: Excel-ent Examples - Spreadsheets can help you in analyzing your data and keeping track of your research. Mary Roddy will present several examples of how to use this powerful tool to gain perspective and further your genealogy research.
Spreadsheets 301: un-Excel-ed Tips and Tricks - Learn new ways to make data entry faster and easier and a few things that will make your spreadsheets more attractive. See how quickly Magic Fill will help you complete a list and watch Mary turn a spreadsheet on its ear to flip rows and columns. Learn how to add words (and a few numbers, too.).
Where There’s a Will (There’s a Way to Find New GenealogicaI information) – Wills can help you establish genealogical relationships, prove a theory, or just get to understand your ancestors and their world a bit more. This talk will help you find wills and abstracts, understand the difference between them, and learn what to do with the will once you find it.
World War II Heroes: Telling Their Stories - World War II is the earliest war where we can actually speak to the veterans themselves, the men and women who served. This talk presents a case study, fleshing out a basic story of a pilot and crew of a B-17 shot down over Germany, illustrating how to find and access multiple sources to learn about the experiences of these heroes.
Crafting History: Genealogy in the Home - Sprinkle your ancestors into your daily life. Create jewelry, holiday ornaments and decorative items using ancestral photos and stories. Presentation will have samples of some projects, slides of others, and provide instructions and details for creating many of these items.
Timelines in Genealogy - Are you using this tool to analyze your data? It's a great way to organize dates and places for specific ancestors and puts a different perspective on the information you've gathered.
Basics of US Genealogical Research – This talk give a basic rundown of US history and how that affects our ancestors and the type and location of records generated. A survey of different records and what kind of information they contain is presented, with ideas of where to look for more clues. Perfect for beginning genealogists or intermediate and advanced genealogists from outside the US.
Telling Their Story When They Left No Stories - You've spent years (or decades) working on your genealogy. Now it's finally time to take all that data and put it together into a story that your relatives - yes, even your spouse and children! - will want to read. Mary Roddy will show you how to take your data and fluff it up with the kinds of details that draw your reader into the story of their ancestors' lives.
Trails West: Crossing the Continent 1840 - 1869 - Covering the period 1840s-1869, this talk details routes to the Pacific, a description of the journey and resources to find ancestors and their stories.

Speaking Conditions:

Willing to do in-person lectures or appear via remote hook-up
Can provide projector for presentation
Supplies master for Handouts
Fee is negotiable
Will develop new lectures if requested

Previous Engagements:

Seattle Genealogical Society, Seattle, Washington - Read 'Em or Weep: Promise and Pitfalls in Newspaper OCR (Sep 2015)
Legacy Family Tree Webinars - Read 'Em or Weep: Promise and Pitfalls in Newspaper OCR (January 2016), Crafting History: Bring Your Ancestors to Life (December 2015), Spreadsheets 301 (August 2015), Spreadsheets 201 (April 2015), World War II Heroes (April 2015), Spreadsheets 101 (February 2015), Bagging a Live One (Dec 2014)
Eastside Genealogical Society, Bellevue, Washington - Mark Golden: A Case Study in World War II Research (Feb 2015)
Botany Bay Family History Society, Caringbah, NSW, Australia - Basics of US Genealogical Research (Oct 2014), Spreadsheets in Genealogy (Nov 2014)


Mary Kircher Roddy grew up in San Rafael, California. She earned a Bachelor degree in Liberal Studies from The University of California, Riverside in 1982 and a Master in Professional Accounting from the University of Texas in 1984. She earned a certificate in Genealogy and Family History at the University of Washington in 2005.
Mary became interested in genealogy in 2000 in anticipation of a sabbatical in Ireland where her husband was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Limerick. She was sure she would complete all her Irish genealogy while her husband taught at UL and her children attended Monaleen school. Fifteen years later, the genealogy is still a work in progress. But the trip to Ireland awakened something deep in her Celtic bloodlines, the Irish tradition of the Seanachi, the storytellers and historians of yore.
Mary has published articles in Family Chronicle and Internet Genealogy. She's currently working on a novel set in the San Francisco area in 1900 and 1901, based on stories of several of her ancestors and their associates which she discovered in her genealogical research.

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