Seema Kenney

P.O. Box 888
Upton, Massachusetts 01568

Business Phone: 508-400-3931

Contact between 09:00 am to 08:00 pm Eastern


LegacyStories 2014 - Certified Legacy Planner
Birren Center 2013 - Guided Autobiography Instructor
ProGen Study Group 2012 – Certificate of Completion
Nat'l Inst on Gen Rsrch 2011 - Certificate of Completion
Boston University 2010 – Certificate – Genealogical Research


2014 - Brainerd T. Peck Family History Award from The Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc. for Vena's Roots, An Anderson/Boothby Family History


Beginner to Intermediate Level Presentations and Hands-on Workshops


Before and At a Repository - How to prepare for working at a repository and will demonstrate some of the tools that can facilitate on-sight research.
Census Reports Lead To... - Eleven clues found in the census and the twenty-seven other sources you might use to confirm what is in the census report.
Ellis Island - Its history, other inspection sites, and a history of immigration to our country.
Focus, Research, Write! - Research plans keep you focused, writing keeps your research on track.
For Your Descendants! - Stop looking backward—look around you and focus on the legacy you leave to those who will research your life.
Immigration & Naturalization - The processes and paperwork required to move to, live in, and become a citizen of our nation.
Introduction to Genealogy - Topics include basic genealogical forms, where to research, tracking your research, and questions to ask living relatives.
Introduction to Microsoft OneNote - A live demonstration of OneNote’s powerful options, emphasizing it’s strengths in organization and portability. (requires Internet access)
Mass Land Records - Massachusetts Land Records are a FREE resource and date back to 1731! Learn how to effectively search, collect, and print documents from
Published Family Histories — Old and New - The standards used in writing and reading a family history.
Researching at an Historical Society - The need for additional off-line research and the gems that can be found in the collection of an Historical Society.
Sharing Your Research Results and Legacy - Use today’s technology to share photos, stories, and more with living and future relatives and descendants.
The Gift of Spit - A quick and very basic introduction to the use of DNA for genealogical research.
Using Excel to Analyze Genealogical Data - The features of Excel that will make the recording and analyzing of your genealogical research data easier and quicker.
Using the Internet for Genealogy - Both subscription and free websites for finding ancestors and understanding the times in which they lived.
Using Word to Write Your Family History - Features of Word that will make the creation of your family history (as well as other documents) quicker and easier.
Working With Census Reports - The purpose of the census, the instructions and methods for the enumerators, and the hidden gems you find when reading the entire page and putting your ancestors information into historical context.
Writing Your Autobiography - Your words express the emotions of your life. Putting them ‘on paper’ helps paint a picture of you that no camera can duplicate.

Speaking Conditions:

  • can provide projector
  • will travel with compensation
  • will provide handouts
  • will bring own laptop and remote
  • will discuss audio/video taping
  • will provide references upon request
  • will develop new presentations upon request

  • Previous Engagements:

    Local Genealogical Societies, Historical Societies, Libraries, and Senior Centers.
    Five-Seven week courses at local High School Evening Education Programs - Beginner and Intermediate Levels
    Annually at the local New England Family History Day
    2014 - Virginia Beach Conference
    2011 - Family History Expo in Atlanta, GA


    A wife, mother of 3, and entrepreneur, Seema has 15 years experience as a software instructor and 4 years as a professional genealogist. Based on over 20 years of research, her known roots are deep in New England as well as England, Germany, and Sweden.
    She has a certificate in Genealogical Research from BU, completed ProGen and is an active member of several societies, currently President of the Worcester Chapter of MSOG and part of the NERGC planning committee. Seema is also certified as a Guided Autobiography Consultant and a Legacy Planner.

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