Billie Fogarty

4509 N Classen Blvd
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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
United States

Phone: 405

4509 N. Classen Blvd.
Ste. 103
Oklahoma City 73118

Business Phone: 405.203.1274


Native American Research; Lineage Society Memberships; Land Records; Researching in the National Archives



  • Bundling, Banns, and Bonds: Love and Marriage in Early America
  • Women in Colonial America

  • How the Public Land Survey System Shaped Our Country
  • Indian Land Allotments
  • Land! Distributing the Nation's Real Wealth
  • Land Runs, Lotteries, and Homesteading in Oklahoma
  • War of 1812 Bounty Land in Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois
  • Homestead Act and Land Entry Files

  • DAR & Genealogy
  • Honoring Our Ancestors: First Families of the Twin Territories
  • What’s My Line? Documenting for Lineage Societies

  • Across America: Migration Routes of Our Ancestors
  • Coming to America: Finding Your Immigrant Ancestor
  • Journey from Kentucky to Missouri Along the Ohio River
  • Indian Trails to Interstates
  • Southern Migration Trails of Our Ancestors
  • Land Runs, Lotteries, and Homesteading: Settlement American Style
  • Trails of Our Ancestors

  • Bounty Land & the American Soldier
  • Did My Ancestor Serve in a War? Finding Military Records
  • Finding Your Civil War Ancestor
  • Finding Your Revolutionary War Patriot
  • Finding Revolutionary War Ancestors NOT Already in the DAR Patriot Database
  • Oh Say, Can You See: Causes, Participants, and Records of the War of 1812
  • Salute to Veterans: Researching Our Ancestors' Military Service
  • War of 1812: the Forgotten War
  • Discovering
  • How the War of 1812 Impacted Illinois

    The Great Madrid Earthquake and Other Calamities That Shook Our Ancestors
  • So You Want to Be a Genealogical Speaker
  • Ten Resolutions Every Genealogist Should Make

  • Discovering a National Treasure: The Indian Archives
  • Online Sources for Proving Native American Ancestry
  • Online Sources to Discovering the Trail of Tears
  • Proving Indian Ancestry
  • Proving That Native American Family Legend
  • Researching African American Ancestry
  • Trail of Tears to Indian Territory
  • Manuscript Collections of the Five Civilized Tribes
  • The American Indian Collection on
  • Using the Dawes Roll
  • Black Jack Pershing and the Chinese Mexicans

  • Conducting Effective Oral Interviews
  • Courthouse Research: Finding the Mother Lode
  • Effective Use of the Internet
  • Finding & Using Historical Newspapers in Genealogical Research
  • Have Ancestors...Will Travel: Taking a Genealogy Trip
  • How Do I Keep All This Stuff Straight: Organizing Your Research
  • Mining the SSDI for All It is Worth
  • Organization for the Genealogist
  • Picking Cherries Without Hitting the Pits: Using Other's Research Wisely
  • Stories in Stone: Cemetery Symbolism
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales But Their Tombstones Do!
  • Treasures in the Attic: Home Sources You May Have Missed
  • US Census Research Beyond the Population Schedules

  • Unlocking the Treasures in the National Archives
  • What’s Online That I Shouldn’t Miss?
  • Tombstones Tell Tales
  • The American Indian Archives
  • Discovering More Than Military Records at
  • Vital Records and Their Substitutes

  • Balancing the Needs of the Genealogical Speaker and the Society
  • Avoiding the Pitfalls of a Society Sponsored Research Trip
  • Team Building in a ME-centered Society

  • Share Your Research Without Putting Your Relatives to Sleep
  • Write It Or Lose It: Preserving Your Family's History

  • Beginning Family History Research (Six Sessions)
  • Genealogy Skill-Building (Six Sessions)
  • Immigration & Naturalizaton (Two Sessions)
  • Researching My Family Tree (Four Sessions)
  • Leaving A Legacy: A Genealogical Primer (Three Sessions)

    Lectures can also be tailored to your organization's needs

  • Previous Engagements:

    National Genealogical Society (Charleston, SC; Kansas City, MO; Cincinnati, OH; Las Vegas, NV; St. Charles, MO)
    Federation of Genealogical Societies (Birmingham, AL; Fort Wayne, IN; San Antonio, TX; Salt Lake City, UT; Springfield, IL)
    RootsTech (Salt Lake City, UT)
    Institute of Genealogical & Historical Research (Samford University)
    Central Florida Family History Conference (Orlando, FL)
    Iowa Genealogical Society (Des Moines, IA)
    Oklahoma Genealogical Society (Oklahoma City, OK)
    East Texas Genealogical Society (Tyler, TX)
    Kansas Genealogical Society (Dodge City, KS)
    DuPage Co. Genealogical Society (Wheaton,IL)
    Southwest OK Genealogical Society (Lawton, OK)
    Tulsa Genealogical Society (Tulsa, OK)
    Metropolitan Library System (Oklahoma City,OK)
    Kingfisher Co. Genealogical Society (Kingfisher, OK)
    Edmond Genealogical Society (Edmond, OK)
    Garfield County Genealogists (Enid, OK)
    Cleveland County Gen. Society (Norman, OK)
    Daughters of the War of 1812 (Oklahoma City, OK)
    Colonial Dames of XVII Century (Oklahoma City, OK)
    Daughters of the American Revolution (many chapters across Oklahoma)
    Sons of the American Revolution (Norman, OK & Oklahoma City, OK)
    HCE Genealogy Group (Oklahoma City, OK)
    Computer Users Genealogy Group (Oklahoma City, OK)
    Canadian Valley Technology Center (El Reno, OK)
    St. Luke’s Sch. of Cont. Educ. (Oklahoma City, OK)
    University of Oklahoma History (Norman, OK)
    Redlands Community College (El Reno, OK)
    Discover U Adult University (Oklahoma City, OK)
    Harmon Co. Genealogy Society (Hollis, OK)
    Pawnee Co. Historical Society (Pawnee, OK)
    Kay Co. Genealogical & Historical Society (Ponca City, OK)
    Van Zandt Co. Genealogical Society (Canton, TX)
    San Angelo Friends of the Library (San Angelo, TX)


    A professional genealogist, Billie is now serving as president of the international Association of Professional Genealogists. She lectures regularly and teaches genealogy each semester in adult continuing education courses. She is author of Guidebook to Researching My Family Tree.

    She served the Genealogical Speakers Guild as President, Oklahoma Genealogical Society as a member of the Board of Directors, Oklahoma Historical Society as a member of the Board of Directors, Federation of Genealogical Societies as a Delegate, and is a member of Association of Professional Genealogists (Board of Directors 2009-2010, 2012-2015) National Institute on Genealogical Research Alumni, International Society of Family History Writers and Editors, and National Genealogical Society. She completed Advanced Military Research III at the Institute of Genealogy & Historical Research in 2008, Advanced Military Research II in 2011 and National Institute on Genealogical Research in 2001 and 2007. She completed Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum 2012, Forensic Genealogy in 2013, and Advanced Methodology in 2014. Billie completed the CAFG Institute on Forensic Genealogy and Advanced Forensic Genealogy in 2014. She served the Oklahoma Genealogical Society as President from 2002-2009.
    Her genealogical pursuits have taken her to county court houses, local libraries and state archives in dozens of states and to most of the major genealogical repositories and archives across America. She has participated in numerous national conferences and learning opportunities. She belongs to several local genealogy societies and lineage groups and works closely with a variety of groups devoted to making genealogy and family history more accessible to others.

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