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My speciality is delivering professional genealogical information in an extremely entertaining, and motivating way. Your attendees will be laughing, crying, winning prizes, and interacting with each other as they learn together.


Custom Keynote and banquets presentations available, plus:

KEYNOTE: Future Technology and Genealogy Ė 5 Strategies You Need. Envision your genealogy as technology speeds ahead into the future. There are 5 five key strategies that you can employ right now that will make the ride easier, and the results more exciting than ever. Discover the paradigm shift that will make finding the right technology for your needs easier than ever. And learn how to capitalize on how technology is changing the flow of information. Finally, explore three areas that are poised to thrust ahead in the future, making this an exciting time to be a family historian!

Texas Ranch House: Unveiling Keeping House in the Census
Our Great Grandmotherís occupation of ďKeeping HouseĒ on the U.S. Federal Census can easily be glossed over. Just what hides behind those two humble words? Ten years ago I laced up her black boots, donned layers of petticoats, and hit the expansive West Texas desert with my family to find out. Join me for an evening of reminiscences and ruminations a decade after living for a summer ďin 1867Ē on the TV show Texas Ranch House.

KEYNOTE: The Great Google Earth Genealogy Game Show Ė Fascinating Family History Fun!
Getting your family involved in the family history can be challenging, but with Google Earth you can grab their attention and get them willingly involved! This session, presented in a game show format, will show you the possibilities that Google Earth offers. Contestants will be selected from the audience and arranged in two teams. Host Lisa Louise Cooke will take everyone on a tour of the globe using Google Earth, asking genealogical questions of the teams along the way. The team that answers the most questions correctly win prizes. Everyone who attends will not only learn more about genealogy, but they will also see the amazing capabilities of Google Earth when used for genealogy! Itís fun for everyone.

How to Organize All this Genealogy Stuff!
Save yourself future frustration and disappointment by putting a solid genealogy organizational plan in place for all the types of items that will be coming your way. I personally use the systems that I am sharing with you, and they have proven to be reliable and efficient. We will cover systems for 4 types of stuff:
1. Organizing All This Paper! The Physical Items Organization System
2. Organizing All That Genealogical Data! The Family Tree Data Organization System
3. Organizing All These Digital Files! The Digital Organization System
4. Organizing All that Web Information! The Online Notetaking System

Google Tools & Procedures for Solving Family History Mysteries
In this session we will put Google to the test. Discover Google tools and the process for using them to solve the genealogical challenges you face. Youíll walk away with exciting new techniques you can use right away.

Google Books: the tool you should use every day!
Learn the secrets of getting more than you ever imagined from the largest online collection of digitized books, Google Books. With 25 million books, many of which are digitized and fully searchable, Google Books should be the first place to which you turn as you climb your family tree. Learn how to make the most of this goldmine chock full of historical data with little known techniques from the Google Guru, Lisa Louise Cooke, author of the book, The Genealogistís Google Toolbox, Second Edition.

Update: Google! Everything New That You Need to Know for Genealogy
Google continues to evolve and change every day. In this session, Google Guru Lisa Louise Cooke will give you an update on the most recent Google changes. Then she will unleash advanced search strategies for genealogy that you probably arenít using, but are Ďmust-havesí in order to get the best results possible. Here are tips and tricks you can put into practice right away.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Genealogy Research with Old Maps
Historic maps are a must for your research. Learn the five types of historical maps every genealogist should be using, and how to find them (many in places you would have never guessed!) Then learn how to create and save your own historic map collection, and discover truly innovative ways to incorporate them into your analysis and storytelling.

Time Travel with Google Earth
Get ready to experience old historic maps, genealogical records, images, and videos coming together to create stunning time travel experiences in the free Google Earth program. Weíll incorporate automated changing boundaries, and uncover historic maps that are built right into Google Earth. Tell time travel stories that will truly excite your non-genealogist relatives! Youíve never seen anything like this class!

Create a Free Google Earth Map Collection for Your Research
Come to this session and youíll walk out with potentially thousands of free historic maps organized for your family history research. And the good news is, you donít need a lot of tech know-how to do it! Youíll learn how to find free digital maps for your ancestral locations, add them as permanent map overlays to Google Earth, and then organize them into your personal map reference collection. We will also cover best practices for keeping them organized so that they continually enrich your research.

Soothe Your Tech Tummy Ache with these 10 Tech Tools
Are you sick and tired of navigating the countless tech tools available to help with your family history? The good news: You donít need them all to accomplish your genealogy goals. This session will soothe your suffering by simply focusing on these 10 technology tools that will help you bypass tech overload and get back to your genealogy research.

How to Reopen and Work a Genealogical Cold Case
Become a genealogical detective in this vital session. Youíll learn to track ancestors like a criminal cold case detective, sniffing out holes in your research and getting missing information on the record with cutting edge technology.

Genealogy on the Go with Mobile Devices
Tablets and smartphones are built for hitting the road and are ideally suited for genealogy due to their sleek size, gorgeous graphics and myriad of apps and tools. In this class you will discover the top apps and best practices that will make your mobile device a genealogical powerhouse! (iOS and Android)

iPad & iPhone Power User Techniques for Genealogy
Move beyond apps and into power usage! Learn browser customization and discover little-known features, get organized, harness accessibility features, and perform Evernote genealogical tricks!

7 Awesome Apps that Eliminate Eye-Rolling!
Do your relatives roll their eyes in boredom when you mention genealogy? Learn how to captivate them with compelling stories and imagery! Weíll cover seven easy-to-use mobile apps that will help you tell your family history stories in a riveting way, that will have them asking for more.

10 Ways to Enhance Your Genealogy with Video
A recent Nielsen Study shows Internet video is experiencing explosive growth. Donít let the video revolution pass you by! In this class Lisa Louise Cooke of the popularGenealogy Gems YouTube channel will give you ten ways that online video can enrich your family history. Genealogists can use video in countless ways to learn more about their ancestors, enhance their online presence to attract others researching the same family lines, and create intriguing projects to share their family stories.

How to Use Evernote for Genealogy
Evernote puts all your notes right at your fingertips no matter where you are. In addition to super fast and easy note taking and retrieval, youíll learn how to clip items from the Internet (rather than saving entire bulky web pages!) use OCR technology to search your digitized documents like newspaper articles, and tap into a myriad of apps that help Evernote help you do just about anything you need. Evernote harnesses the power of the Cloud to allow you to work across all your computing devices (including your iPad and smart phone.) Best of all, itís free.

Making Evernote Effortless
Learn the best strategies for making Evernote a breeze to use for your genealogy research. Shave time off your note-taking with quick keys, shortcuts, saved searches, search operators, Reminders, note sharing, source citation, and building Evernote into any browser you use (including mobile devices!)

How to Create a Genealogy Research Plan in Evernote
A genealogy research plan helps you identify what you want to know and formulate the questions and strategy which will provide the answers. In this session you will learn how to set up and work your plan in Evernote, and integrate it with your existing genealogical notes.

Google Search Strategies for Common Surnames
Discover tips and tricks to find your ancestors with common surnames and surnames that double as common words in the English language with Google. Learn how to weed out irrelevant search results to save time and get to what you want faster. Then save and automate your searches to run for you! Youíll not only improve your searches, but also improve the chances that the information you post online will be found by other genealogists facilitating collaboration!

Get the Scoop on Your Ancestors with Newspapers
Yearning to ďread all about it?Ē Newspapers are a fantastic source of research leads, information and historical context for your family history. Learn the specialized approach that is required to achieve success in locating the news on your ancestors. Includes 3 Cool Tech Tools that will get you started.

Google Earth Pro for Genealogy
Google Earth is a 360 degree three dimensional way to view your ancestorís world! In this class you will learn how to identify old photos, plot and virtually visit your ancestorís homestead, and incorporate historic maps. Google Earth has the power to geographically document your ancestorís lives, and lends itself very well to collaboration with other researchers. Itís one of the best online genealogical tools available, and best of all, itís FREE!

How to Create Exciting Interactive Family History Tours with Google Earth Pro
Google Earth Pro is much more than just a mapping program. In this presentation you will learn how to harness Google Earthís capabilities by using it as a multi-media way to tell your ancestorís story and leave a legacy for future generations. Learn how to incorporate images, videos, genealogical documents, and historic maps and bring it all together in a unique virtual family history tour that you can share on blogs, websites, by email and more, as well as use to further your research through geographic analysis.

The Google Earth Military March Game Show
Getting your family involved in family history can be challenging, but with Google Earth you can grab their attention and get them willingly involved! In this fast paced session you see an amazing example of that in action. You will be part of an exciting, interactive genealogy game created in Google Earth, rich with multi-media. Discover military history and learn about the associated genealogical records as contestants battle to answer questions for prizes.

Inspiring Ways to Capture the Interest of the Non-Genealogists in Your Family
If you are researching your family tree but havenít shared it with your family in a way that sparks their interest, then you are only experiencing half of the joy of genealogy! And if your descendants donít grasp the importance of their heritage, your hard work may tragically find itís way to the city dump when you are gone. Donít just collect your family history and store it away in binders and files! Learn how creative displays and crafts can capture the imagination of your non-historian friends and relatives, while honoring your ancestors. These projects are guaranteed to inspire your family to ask you to tell them more about the family tree!

How to Save Your Research from Destruction & Ensure Itís Future Survival
Donít let your lifetime of genealogy research end up in the landfill! Lisa Louise Cooke will teach you the 7 key strategies to securing the future of your research including designating a ďresearch keeper,Ē setting up a Genealogy Materials Directive, and making donations with a Deed of Gift. Donít miss this class Ė your family research legacy depends on it!

Genealogy Podcasts 101
Want to learn about genealogy while exercising, driving your car, cleaning your office or just relaxing? Genealogy podcasts are the perfect way to pursue your family history passion no matter where you are or what youíre doing. They are packed full of genealogy news, tips, entertainment and interviews with the experts. However, the term ďpodcastĒ may seem a bit intimidating. Learn everything you need to know about how to find and listen to genealogy and history podcasts.

Tap into Your Inner Private Eye: 9 Strategies for Finding Living Relatives
Learn the techniques that Private Investigators use to track down missing people. These strategies will help you find those elusive living relatives who just may hold the key to your brick wall or possess that treasured photo youíve been looking for.

How to Use YouTube for Family History: Setting Up Your Own YouTube Channel
If youíre not on YouTube, then you are allowing the video revolution to pass you by. It is estimated that YouTube Mobile receives more than 100 million views a day and is the #2 search engine on the planet! YouTube is fast becoming the first place that many people turn to for answers to their questions, including fellow genealogists. Including video content on your website can also drive more traffic to your site. In this presentation Lisa Louise Cooke, producer of the Genealogy Gems YouTube Channel (founded just 2 years after YouTubeís launch and currently boasting over a quarter of a million views) will share her tips and tricks for a robust YouTube channel that will power boost your genealogical efforts.

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Lisa Louise Cooke is a sought after international and keynote genealogy speaker, regularly appearing at events such as Who Do You Think You Are? Live in the UK and RootsTech in the U.S. Lisa is CEO of Genealogy Gems, a genealogy education multi-media company, producer of The Genealogy Gems Podcast, the #1 genealogy podcast (downloaded over 2 million times!). The podcast is available at, in iTunes, and through the Genealogy Gems app. Lisa is the author of the books: Mobile Genealogy, The Genealogistís Google Toolbox Second Edition, How to Find Your Family History in Newspapers, and Genealogy Gems. Other works include the popular Evernote for Genealogists quick reference guide, the video series Google Earth Pro for Genealogy, and over 70 videos at the Genealogy Gems YouTube Channel. She also produces The Family Tree Magazine Podcast, regularly writes for the magazine, and is an instructor and curriculum developer for Family Tree University. Whether in person or online, Lisa strives to dig through the myriad of genealogy news, questions and resources to deliver the gems that can unlock audienceís family history treasure trove!

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