Dina C. Carson

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Niwot, Colorado 80544

Business Phone: 720-272-2316
Email: editor@irongate.com
URL: www.irongate.com

Contact between 10:00 to 4:00 US Mountain


Boulder Genealogical Society Distinguished Service Award


I have been a publisher for more than 25 years and specialize in helping genealogists put their research into a finished, published form whether in print, electronically or online.



Writing & Publishing
A Dark and Stormy Genealogy No Longer: Become a Great Storyteller
Introduction to Genealogical Publishing: From Piles of Research to Proudly Read
Glamorous Genealogy or Fabulous Family History: Choosing a Do-Able Project
Planning a Publishing Project: Many Creative Ways to Use Your Genealogical Research
Right Tool for the Right Job: Organizing, Researching, Writing, Publishing and Collaborating
Right Tool for the Right Job II: Preparing for eBooks, Online Publishing and Interactivity
What goes Where: Even the Best Research is Unreadable Unless Itís Well Organized
Conducting a Research Review and Formulating a Style Guide: This One Step Can Save Your Sanity
Scrapbook to Scanner: Adding Images to Your Family History
The Devilís in the Details: Rich Historical Detail Makes for Interesting Reading
Creative Non-Fiction: Telling Tales Without Fibs, Fish Stories or Flat Out Fiction
When Cousins Arenít Characters or Crack Pots: Making Your Ancestors Real in Your Writing
They Cooked and Cleaned Ö or Did They?: Discovering the Social History of Your Family
Setting the Scene: Imposing Places, Lush Landscapes, Beautiful Buildings and Robust Ruins
Weaving Together Your Story with Theirs: Writing a First-Person Narrative
Whoís Telling the Tale?: Writing from a Preferable Point of View
Friends, Neighbors, Fellow Countrymen: Looking Beyond the Family to Polish the Prose
The Many Faces of Editing: Context Editing, Content Editing, Copy Editing, Fact Checking, Proofreading, Typescript Editing
Handing Out Your Heritage: Take Your Research from Printout to Professionally Published
Yes Virginia, Readers Will Judge Your Book by Its Cover: Designing a Dazzling Book Inside and Out
Effortless eBooks: Preparing Family Histories for eReaders
Shout It From the Rooftops: Letting the World Know You Have a Book Available
Your Genealogy Disaster Plan is Not Complete Without Publishing

Genealogy Unleashed
Giving Away Your Family Tree: A Treasure Trove of Family History Gifts

Methods and Research
Hiding in Plain Database: Tips and Tricks for Finding Exactly the Records You're After
Attics & Archives, OR, What Youíre Missing if Youíre Stuck Like Glue to Ancestry
Non-Population Census Schedules: Agricultural, Industry, Mortality, Slaves, Social Statistics, State, School and other Specialized Census Records
20th Century Military Records: Finding the Modern Soldier, WWI and Later
Stolen Stuff and Misplaced Missives: Copyrights, Permissions and a Plagiarism Refresher
Digital Research Tools and Toys: 6 Essential Items that Will Fit in a Carry-on
Q Looks Like 2: Deciphering 19th Century Handwriting
Extra! Extra! A Nose for the News: Locating Your Nana in Newspapers
They Kept the Home Fires Burning: Researching Women During the Civil War
Our Ladies in Waiting: Researching Your Female Ancestors

Gorgeous Graveside Photography: 50 Things I Learned While Photographing 50,000 Tombstones and Grave Markers
Cemetery Symbolism: Gathering Genealogical Clues from the Dead

Records Extractions
Indexing Basics: What to Gather, How to Gather it, and What Makes a Genealogically Useful Index
Every Name Counts: Creating Genealogically Relevant Records Extractions
When No Map Exists: Creating a Plat Map for the Boulder City Town Company, 1859

Rocky Mountain West Research
Genealogical Lessons from Community-Based Research
Gold in Them There Hills: Little Known Records from the Wild, Wild West
Wild West Research: Finding Family in the Western Territories

Local Colorado History
Wild West Research: Finding Family in the Western Territories
Boulder Pioneers: Trappers, Traders, Native Americans, Gold Seekers and So Many Others
Boulder Pioneers Two: More Tales of the Territory
Denver: When it was Wild and Wonderful

Why Settle for Ordinary When You Can Have Extraordinary? Planning a Family Reunion

1890 Census Replacement Project
The 1890 Census: Creating a Genealogically Relevant Project for Your Society
1890 Census Replacement: Locating Records Relevant to the Project
1890 Census Replacement: Extracting Records as an Every Name Index
1890 Census Replacement: What To Do With Your Extractions
Christmas 1890

Genealogical Society Projects
Establishing a Publishing Program for Your Society: Saving Your Genealogical Research One Book at a Time
Creating a Digital Archive: Making Historical Photographs Available to Genealogical Researchers
ePub for iPad: Electronic Quarterlies in the 21st Century

Speaking Conditions:

Fees and travel expenses are negotiable. Please contact me for details. I will email my handouts ahead of time so that they can be printed locally. I would prefer that a microphone, projector and screen be provided on site, although I can provide my own if necessary. I am willing to conduct half day or full day seminars.


Dina Carson has been involved in genealogy for more than two decades, and lectures frequently to genealogical and historical societies throughout the West. She is the coordinator of the Boulder Pioneers Project, a comprehensive look at the original source documents for Boulder County during the Territorial period (1859-1876) and the author of more than thirty annotated indexes of Boulder County source materials. Although her formal education is in International Law and Economics, she owns Iron Gate Publishing, and is the author of 10 new books about publishing and genealogy including, Set Yourself Up to Self-Publish: A Genealogist's Guide and Publish Your Family History: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing the Stories of Your Ancestors. Dina brings her experience with all phases of book publishing to help first-time self-publishers create quality family or local histories that are both believable and achievable. When she's not at a computer working on a publishing project, you can find her photographing the pioneer cemeteries of Colorado.

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