Shannon Combs-Bennett

, Virginia United States

Business Phone: 5407350858

Contact between 9am to 6pm Eastern


Boston University Online Genealogical Research Certificate (OL13)


Honorable Mention 2013 Excellence-in-Writing Competition from ISFHWE


DNA, methodology, lineage societies, social media, writing, technology.


Full listing of lectures can be found on my website

Previous Engagements:

Full listing of lectures can be found on my website


Shannon Combs-Bennett is an author, lecturer, and researcher based out of Virginia. She opened the doors to her genealogy business, T2 Family History, in 2014. Shannon takes a few clients, but primarily enjoys writing and lecturing. T2 is the professional offshoot from her blog Trials and Tribulations Family History, where she discusses her genealogy finds, interesting articles, and much more. To find out more about her, and what she is up to, please follow her on her social media outlets. You can like her on Facebook at TntFamilyHistory or follow her on Twitter @tntfamhist.

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